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Athlete Recovery


IV-hydration for an athlete

Athlete Recovery Solution

We've got a soft spot for athletes because we at IV Therapy Doc know how hard you push your bodies and deplete your nutrients. This hand-picked Pasadena Hydration IV Therapy health solution is for the athlete who is looking to decrease recovery time, decrease muscle pain and boost vital nutrients. Use this after a hard workout or before an event to help prevent muscle cramping and fatigue. 


This IV-hydration solution includes intravenous hydration, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and an anti-inflammatory medication (optional). Infusing nutrients with 100% bioavailability will replenish electrolytes lost from sweat and increased metabolic demands.  This treatment includes IV-hydration plus nutrients targeted to improving your neuromuscular health. 

The IV Therapy Doc Athlete Recovery IV-Hydration Solution can be used to treat:

  • Pre-treat for upcoming athletic events

  • Treat muscle injury and fatigue

  • Speed up muscle recovery times

  • Aid in recovering from colds and flus to get back to your training

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