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Heart Super Reverse

This is a supervised medical treatment program. Prior to or on your first visit, we will draw blood through your IV for a baseline cardiac advanced biomarker test, and G6PD, an uncommon genetic condition that would necessitate adjustment of your weekly IV therapy formulas. These tests may be billed to your insurance. You are responsible for any laboratory charges incurred as a result of these lab tests. We are happy to draw and process your blood sample as a courtesy, free of charge.


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Heart Super Reverse IV Therapy

Ah, you've found our favorite treatment: the Heart Super Reverse IV Therapy treatment. This intensive 12-week program is designed to improve heart disease risk as measured by improvement of advanced cardiac biomarkers that, when elevated, are warning signs of increased heart disease risk. 


A lifetime of wear and tear on our bodies causes damage at the cellular level in every organ.  Whether it be from breathing in decades of toxic pollution in Los Angeles, from eating far too many pints of ice cream and bags of chips in front of the TV, or from being attached to a chair for too many hours over years, our health is failing. Our best defense to reversing damage to cellular DNA and other processes is antioxidants. However, many are not absorbed orally and our body slows production of antioxidants with age. This superhero IV treatment aims to infuse those powerful antioxidants to reverse years of wear and tear on your body.


The Heart Super Reverse IV Therapy program is a weekly IV Treatment for 12 weeks combined with a healthy diet plan that is provided to you. Each infusion is packed with vitamins, minerals and escalating doses of antioxidants that, according to medical literature, heal, protect, and reverse blood vessel damage caused by toxins and the normal aging process.  Each weekly infusion has a unique blend of escalating doses of vital nutrients. . We recommend cardiac labs before and after this program.​

Your customized infusion program will include high dose antioxidants, blood vessel-healing promoters, hydration, vitamins and minerals as indicated. We are happy to work with your cardiologist or primary care physician for any additional requests or nutritional recommendations.

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