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Surgical Works


One of the most important times to ensure we have adequate nutrition is when we're preparing for surgery. The Surgical Works Program is a series of four varying infusions loaded with research-proven wound healing promoters. Furthermore, the blood levels needed for these wound healing promoters are only achieved when administered intravenously. These infusions take about an hour to infuse due to the volume of ingredients. Note that Vitamin C can thin the blood so it is removed from any infusion in the week leading up to your surgery.

Surgical Works A: 45-minute infusion 7-10 days before surgery

Surgical Works B: 30-minute infusion 3-5 days before surgery

Surgical Works C: 60-minute infusion 3-5 days after surgery

Surgical Works D: 60-minute infusion 7-10 days after surgery

If you take chronic medications, have a chronic illness, a history of poor wound healing, or poor gut health, we recommend coming in up to 6 weeks before your surgery for nutritional infusions before starting the Surgical Works Program in order to ensure you are nourished and ready for your big day. 

Your customized infusion program will include high dose antioxidants, wound-healing promoters, hydration and vitamins and minerals as indicated. We are happy to work with your surgeon for any additional requests or nutritional recommendations.

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