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Surgery Boost - 4 Treatments

Your secret super-healing formula with High dose Vitamin C and Customized, Proprietary blend of Amino Acids, minerals, vitamins, other nutrients and electrolytes to support wound healing

60 minutes

$299-1 treatment or $1099 for 4 treatments

How to Book: We recommend booking your first appointment 14-21 days before your surgery.

IV Therapy Doc's Surgery Boost Treatment 4- Pack is one of our highest-dose, jam-packed treatments designed to flood your cells with nutrition and targeted wound-healing nutrients before and after a surgery. Our patients and their surgeons report better outcomes in regards to bruises, scars and return to function. This is one of our most popular Treatment Series that is packed with very high dose nutrients. We may ask you to stop all supplements two weeks before surgery. We will not administer any nutrient that can increase bleeding such as Vitamin C one week before surgery. We recommend minimum of four treatments, two before and two after your surgery. Start your booking 2-3 weeks before your surgical date. If you have an extensive surgery, we will recommend more than 4 treatments and would love to start administering your treaments 6 weeks before your surgical date.

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