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Mood Intensive 10-Treatment Series

Can Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Gut Dysfunction, Menopause, Fertility, PMS, MTHFR Mutation Symptoms

High dose B and C vitamins with mineral co-factor blend and Glutathione designed to support the neurotransmitter and energy cell cycle functions.

15 - 60 minutes

$299-1 treatment or $1659-6 treatments or $2699-10 treatments

How to Book: Start by booking IV Therapy Doc's Mood Intensive Single Treatment and then we will assist you in booking your remaining treatments twice weekly for 5 weeks.

IV Therapy Doc's Mood Intensive Treatment includes 10 additional treatments that vary in regards to both ingredients and concentration of ingredients. Each treatment focuses on a different cellular process and, by the end of your treatment course, you will have received high doses of many crucial nutrients needed for vital metabolic processes.


All treatments have multiple, high dose ingredients with varying blends of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Each treatment will addtionally have a focus ingredient:

Week 1: 90 minute treatment with B vitamin and mineral focus, with glutathione

Week 2: 30 minute treatment with glutathione, energy cycle co-factors focus

Week 3: 45 minute treatment with neurotransmitter support co-factors

Week 4: 45 minute treatment with calming minerals and amino acids focus

Week 5: 45 minute treatment with B vitamin custom blend focus

Week 6: 45 minute treatment with B vitamin custom blend, glutathione focus

Week 7: 45 minute treatment with B vitamin custom blend focus

Week 8: 45 minute treatment with vitamin C focus

Week 9: 60 minute treatment with neurotransmitter support, glutathione focus

Week 10: 60 minute treatment with vitamin C, energy cycle co-factors focus

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