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IV hydration

Why IV?

Stress, illness, intense exercise, gut inflammation and sub-optimal diets deplete our nutrients. In addition, we each have individual variations in our DNA that may affect the ability of our cells to absorb nutrients even if they are plentiful. In our experience, many people may feel run down with brain fog and lessened stamina or fatigue. Others may feel neurological strains with depression, anxiety or tingling of the hands or feet.  If oral vitamins don't seem to be helping and you've been checked out to rule out other issues, IV therapy might be just the trick for you.


There are many choices for your IV Therapy. We are not an "out-of-the-box" IV Therapy center administering the same protocols to everyone. We customize treatment programs directly developed and supervised by Dr. Anvekar in order to optimize your health.  In addition, we use preservative-free ingredients from FDA approved pharmacies and mix your solution on-site in a clean hood to ensure that your treatment is administered with strict safety protocols.

If you take three oral Vitamin C tablets,
only 2/3 of the first and 1/2 of the second will be absorbed.  Thats only 600mg.
However, IV Therapy bypasses the restrictive absorption of the gut and allows 100% bioavality. Our typical IV Therapy treatment containes at least 5,500 mg, nearly 10 times what you can take orally!


IV Therapy Doc is Booking Now

Healthy Diet IV-hydraton

Meyer's Cocktail 

The most widely used IV treatment for the past 30 years, this vitamin and mineral blend is a great place to start for your first infusion.

Classic Meyers $145

10% discount with pack of 4


Mood Meyers Cocktail 

Our most popular infusion is the Mood Meyers, which is a modification of the Meyer's Cocktail that includes a super-boost of specially compounded methylated B-vitamins which are a natural treatment for stress, anxiety and depression. 

Mood Meyers $175

10% discount with pack of 4

Carefree Drive IV-Hydration

Gimme Immunity

Treat cold and flus, strengthen your immune system and detox your body with this custom blend of over 20 ingredients, including high dose Vitamin C and zinc.

Three sizes, $75-220

10% discount with pack of 4

IV-Hydration Glowing skin

Beauty Glow 

Healthy hair, skin and nails are signs of excellent health. This biotin and glutathione blend will help you glow from the inside out. Includes 400 mg glutathione infusion.

Beauty Glow $165

Beauty Glow with triple-dose 1200 mg glutathione infusion: $200

10% discount with pack of 4

IV-hydration for a super Brain and Heart Health superhero

High Dose Glutathion, NAD+ and ALA Treatments

Antioxidants move us from a wear-and-tear state into a growth-and-healing state.   These intensive treatments nourish your cells from the inside out.  

Single treatments range $40-$750

Nurse Taking Notes

Surgical Works Series

This proprietary series of 1-6 IV Therapies put you on a fast-tract for healing from an injury or from surgery. Best to start this program 2-3 weeks before your surgery, or directly after your surgery or injury. This program is series of 4 infusions of wound-healing promoters and anti-oxidants so you can be sure you're ready for your big day.

Surgical Works IV Therapy $270

10% discount with pack of 4


Chemo Support

High Dose Vitamin C therapy has been shown in multiple medical studies to help chemotherapy work better in fighting cancer. We offer Chemo Support IV Therapy to complement your oncology treatments. 

Chemo Support 25 grams Vitamin C with 15 nourishing vitamins and nutrients in one full liter of fluids $279

Chemo Support 40 grams Vitamin C in one full liter of fluids $199

10% discount with pack of 4

Brain Food poster_edited.jpg


A supercharger for mitochondria, our NAD+ treatment program is a series of 8 infusions to treat chronic illness, stress, anxiety, depression, neurological ailments and addiction to food, alcohol and drugs.

$750 for single infusion


$500 per infusion when a treatment pack of 8 is purchased ($4,000 for 8 treatments)

IV-hydration in an athlete

Athlete Recovery 

This IV hydration, amino acids and vitamin IV drip will nourish your muscles to speed recovery from a tough workout. This is your new game changer.

Athlete Recovery $165

10% discount with pack of 4

IV-hydration to lose weight

Fat Burner 

Research proven fat burners, methionine, inositol and choline, along with vitamin boosters and IV hydration gets you to your goals faster.

Fat Burner $165

10% discount with pack of 4

IV-Hydration hydration drip

Hydrate IV Hydration

IV Hydration is the key to wellness. This one liter treatment includes fluids and electrolytes and is equivalent to drinking 2.5 gallons of water.

Hydration only $100 or add-on $40 to any other treatment

Beautiful Women

B12 Shots, Fatburner Shots and Glutathione Pushes

We do B12 shots, fat burner MIC shots, glutathione pushes and more.  Come meet us and get your first B12 shots with us free!

Prices start at $20

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